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Aircon Chemical Wash is the cleaning of aircon with aircon chemical solution. This is a common form of deep aircon cleaning besides just routine aircon washing. There are 2 other types of aircon deep cleaning and they are aircon overhaul and aircon steam cleaning.

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Aircon chemical wash

Aircon Chemical Wash and Different Types of Chemical Solution

When it comes to Aircon Chemical Wash, there are different types and different grades of chemical solution. Some types of the chemical solution are suitable and some types are not so suitable. Certain chemical solution can be very corrosive because they are either very acidic or alkaline. The aircon cleaning professional must either dilute the chemical solution a little before applying it to the aircon unit or must rinse the aircon chemical solution away within a short time frame to avoid corrosion to the aircon components. As such, the aircon servicing professional must be knowledgeable and experience enough to determine which type of chemical solution is suitable for aircon chemical wash and when he must rinse the chemical solution away to ensure minimal corrosion to the aircon components. Because of the corrosive nature of aircon chemical wash, it should only be performed when the aircon is very dirty and usually once yearly or half yearly.

Rinsing Chemical Solution from Aircon Components

As mentioned, chemicals in the aircon chemical solution is corrosive. If the aircon man did not rinse the aircon components thoroughly, the remaining chemicals may slowly corrode the aircon components. As such, always ask the aircon man to rinse the aircon components again when they are performing aircon chemical cleaning. This may be one of the ways to ensure that the chemicals are completely removed from the aircon components.

A better way to ensure that the chemicals is thoroughly removed from the aircon components is to request for aircon steam cleaning to be done immediately. With the heat and steam spraying onto the aircon components, you can be pretty sure that the chemicals is completely removed.

aircon chemical wash by spraying chemical solution

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