Aircon Overhaul Singapore

Aircon Overhaul, as the name implies, is the process of taking the aircon components apart in order to clean each aircon component thoroughly. In the process, any parts which are malfunctioning are also repaired or replaced. Aircon Overhaul is usually only performed every 2 to 4 years.

aircon overhaul
Aircon Overhaul Singapore

Reason for Aircon Overhaul

If you have been using your aircon for a number of years, the accumulation of dirt and bacteria may not be easily removed. Moreover, there may be components and parts which no longer function well and need replacement. As such, you may wish to request for an Aircon Overhaul to thoroughly clean the aircon and check if there are any parts which need to be repaired or replaced. Sometimes if you don't get the minor issues fixed, it may lead to more serious issues to the extend of a complete break down of aircon. The breaking down of aircon at night or during haze period is the last thing you wish to experience. Taking the precautionary approach may be the better way of avoiding an aircon break down situation.

Procedure of Aircon Overhaul

For Aircon Overhaul, it is usually not performed at your premises. The aircon technician will dismantle your aircon units or fan coils and bring them back to their factory to do the cleaning and examining of your aircon. If you would like your aircon compressor to be check, they will also bring it back. By doing an overhaul to your whole aircon system, you can be assured that the chances of it breaking down is lower than that of just routine aircon cleaning.

Aircon Overhaul Service in Singapore

Cost of Aircon Overhaul

As Aircon Overhaul takes up more time and effort, it naturally cost more than normal aircon servicing, aircon steam cleaning and aircon chemical washing. Moreover, you must expect that it will take more time to perform an aircon overhaul too. The best time to do it is just before you go for your tour or holiday because you would not need to switch on the aircon for a couple of days when you are away.

Our Aircon Overhaul Service is charged reasonably and affordably. You can count on us to perform the overhaul without breaking the bank. We look forward to receiving your call. Our contact number is (+65) 6876 7920. You may also email us via our contact form.

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