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Aircon repair usually strikes our mind when the aircon breaks down or starts showing signs of malfunctioning. Sometimes it may be to late to repair the aircon and prolong its life span when you wait till it is broken down. As such, we always advise customers to engage an aircon technician to perform a check periodically or to send the aircon for an overhaul after a few years of use.

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Some Common Aircon Issues which Need Immediate Aircon Repair

  1. Aircon is not cooling the room effectively - When your aircon is not able to cool the room quickly or taking a long time to cool the room compared to last time, you should get your aircon technician in. It can be dirty aircon components and fan coil which need thorough cleaning. Either aircon steam cleaning or aircon chemical cleaning should fix the issue. However, it can also be due to leakage of aircon refrigerant from the pipe. If this is the sitution, we need to repair the pipe before topping it up with refrigerant. These are the common causes for aircon not cooling the room fast enough.
  2. Aircon is leaking, dripping, sweating or pouring - When you find that the aircon is dripping, sweating or pouring from the fan coil and your floor is always wet due to the dripping or pouring water from aircon, it is time to send in the aircon technician. It can be due to several reasons but, for large amount of water pouring from the air, it is more likely to be choked aircon drainage pipe.
  3. Ice is forming on the aircon - When ice is forming on the aircon unit or fan coil, it is more likely to be due to clogged cooling coil. It can also be due to other issues. You will have to contact an aircon repair specialist to look into this issue.
  4. Aircon switches off by Itself or changes mode - At times, your aircon may behave strangely either by changing its fan speed or switching off by itself. When this happened, it is more likely to be the aircon circuit board issue. As the aircon technician may take some time to find a suitable circuit board to change, you may wish to change the whole aircon fan coil instead of just the circuit board to reduce the down time. Another possible cause for aircon switching off by itself is faulty aircon remote control. As such, you should get your aircon technician to check on the remote control if you encounter this issue.
  5. Noisy aircon - When there is malfunctioning of fan belt or fan motor, you may have a noisy aircon. With this issue, you may have to decide if you would like to repair the fan belt or motor or to install a new aircon.
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Should Your Repair Existing Aircon or Install a New Aircon?

Nowadays, if you are going to perform a major repair, the cost of repair may be very high due to high labour cost. As such, if it is a major repair and will cost substantially, you may wish to consider just paying a little more to install a new aircon. With new aircon, you know that it is under one to two years' warranty. Moreover, new aircon is usually more energy efficient because of newer technology and cleaner system as compared to the old aircon.

Aircon Repair by Handyman Singapore

If your aircon is giving you problem and you wish to engage an aircon repairman to examine it, please contact our Aircon Handyman Specialist at (+65) 6876 7920. Our Aircon Specialists and Technicians are certified and qualified to handle all kinds of aircon breaks down. We provide quality aircon repair at affordable price.

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