Aircon Steam Cleaning

Aircon Steam Cleaning is one of the best way of cleaning the aircon thoroughly. It sprays jets of heated water vapour on aircon components to effectively remove dirt and stubborn stains. Aircon steam cleaning, if done regularly, can keep the aircon so clean that you need not perform an aircon chemical wash.

Advantages of Aircon Steam Cleaning

If you had previously engaged an aircon handyman to perform the aircon steam cleaning, you will realize the following advantages of steam cleaning:

  1. It gets rid of the damp smell which normally stays with the aircon if you just perform a simple aircon cleaning (i.e. simple washing and rinsing).
  2. It takes up less time than than Aircon Chemical Wash which means you need not stay at home so long to wait for the aircon servicing man to perform the cleaning.
  3. It does not leave a chemical smell and does not corrode the aircon components.
  4. It is an effective ways to disinfect the aircon components and get rid of bacteria.
Aircon Steam Cleaning
Aircon Steam Cleaning and Heated Water Jet Cleaning

Should You Perform the Aircon Steam Cleaning Yourself?

In order to perform the steam cleaning on your aircon, you must have proper equipment. If you buy the wrong equipment and pressure of the water vapour shoots out by the equipment is too high, you may damage the aircon components. As such there is a risk of damaging your aircon instead of maintaining it and prolonging it life span.

Besides the equipment, there is also the risk of scalding yourself when handling the equipment. The heated steam may "burn" you resulting in unnecessary injuries.

Lastly, you have to ensure that the floor and furniture near to the aircon which you are performing the steam cleaning are covered and protected from the dripping water and vapour. Otherwise your floor and furniture may be damaged.

Engage an Experienced Aircon Expert

Why take the risk of hurting yourself or damaging your aircon, flooring or furniture? Engage our Aircon Steam Cleaning Professional to perform the steam cleaning. You can relax and sit back while we do the necessary to maintain your aircon in tip-top condition. Call our aircon servicing handyman at (+65) 6876 7920 or write to us via our contact form for affordable aircon cleaning today.

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