Cheap Aircon Servicing Singapore

Cheap Aircon Servicing may not necessarily be cheap if the aircon maintenance person just pours some water over your aircon without doing a thorough cleaning. Aircon servicing should be affordable and value-for-money in relation to the quality of aircon maintenance work involved. Some aircon companies may quote you $90 or lower for servicing three aircon units with plain water or just soap water. Without aircon steam cleaning or aircon chemical wash and just simply rinsing the aircon unit with water is not enough to get rid of the stain and stubborn dirt which affects aircon performance.

Our Affordable Aircon Service

Our aircon servicing and maintenance package are as follows (in Singapore Dollars):

1 Fancoils and Condenser: $36 to $52
2 Fancoils and Condenser: $56 to $92
3 Fancoils and Condenser: $76 to $122
4 Fancoils and Condenser: $96 to $152
5 Fancoils and Condenser: $102 to $182
6 Fancoils and Condenser: $122 to $212

Affordable Aircon Servicing and Maintenance with Steam Cleaning and Chemical Washing

Over time dirt gets trapped in the aircon components and this affects heat transfer and the effectiveness of the aircon in cooling the room. As such, you must ensure that your cheap aircon servicing address this issue. This means you have to consider steam cleaning regularly and chemical cleaning once a while to effectively remove the dirt trapped in the aircon.

Cheap Aircon Servicing
Affordable Aircon Servicing

Most Value-for-money Aircon Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is usually slightly more expensive than just rinsing the aircon unit with water. However, it is much cheaper than chemical cleaning or a complete aircon overhaul. As such, we highly recommend steam cleaning when it comes to aircon servicing. It may cost slightly more than just aircon servicing but it is definitely more worthwhile in terms of the value of service you derived.

Aircon Chemical Wash at Good Pricing or Rates

We use high quality aircon cleaning chemical solution to wash your aircon units. However, our pricing for aircon chemical wash is so competitive that you would definitely find it worthwhile to engage us. You need not empty your wallet just for quality aircon chemical wash if you come to us.

Handyman Singapore to provide Cheap Aircon Servicing with Great Value

Our Aircon Servicing Handyman is well-trained and well-equipped to perform aircon servicing, including aircon steam cleaning, aircon chemical wash and aircon overhaul as well as aircon repair. Most importantly, we quote you reasonably and provide quality aircon servicing at competitive rates. Most of our customers call us back and sign promotional aircon servicing packages with us after our first aircon servicing. The reason is because we are always cleaning their aircon well and always providing very good aircon servicing deal.

Call us at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us to schedule your next affordable aircon servicing appointment with us. We also team up with other quality aircon servicing partners during the peak season so that we can serve you are quickly as possible.

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