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Mystic P, I ed Amy through the address listed in the following website but haven't received any reply. Do you or anyone else know if she is still available? Highly recommended by yours truly.


She's game. Comes over well almost as her car petered out about a half mile away and calls me up to inform me of her situtation. I'm like whoa this is gonna get good tonight. She gets in an poof in 5 mins. Angell is mellow the whole evening and not one ring from the cellphone, not one look at the clock, and had total attention on me. I initiated much of the conversation and she added more as she got to know me. She puts in a "Sasha" CD in me laptop and I'm like whoa cool. Nice calming sounds and a pretty woman.

My mind's reeling with what's this honey pie got on underneath that conservative black dress?

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She' proceeds to the bathroom and I proceed to take my slacks off. Comes back still in her dress and lays flat on her back on the bed! Keeps telling me how she loves that bed! LOL but that's the last thing I'm thinking of. We're talking a bit more and my hand goes on her tummy area!

Oh yeah but I'm subtle trying to feel how that tummy's gonna feel when we're buck naked epidermis to epidermis! MMM Good.

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It's feeling really fine hell yeah! Talk a bit more then gradually hand makes up onto that 34B breast. OMG hell yeah and I know there's no bra! Geesh I feel like a 17yo watching my first XXX. Boing and I'm not usually a breat man.

I say well lets get comfortable more and she's off with the dress in NHRA record time 4. Heck yeah and there she is in a white sheer teddy and oh is she tanned and oh is she hot! Caressing and rubbing each other then the passionate DFK starts. I mean DFK that's not stopping either.

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She kinda chuckles. Then more DFK and she's way into it and I'm flat and she's got one leg over mine working on my neck as my hand go down under her thong line! Oh is she starting to make so noise and groan as I tease her.

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Then we're both there in our birthday suits skin to skin embracing and sucking face, biting neck like teens. My hands are wondering again and in with a finger to massage her small absolutely beautiful baby face shaven pussy! Get this I've got her cumming and oh does it feel so good and just on my fingers fellows. Wait until it's my cock massaging her clit!

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She grabs both sides of my face and wants more DFK and more as I'm still massaging her. Making the groans then I grab her waist and you know where we go to from there! That's right guys onto my face and I'm tasting her CUM! Licking and giving her cuni a massage with my tongue she's rocking now with thrusts. I can't do this long as I'm wanting to mount like a German Shephard on a Chihuahua!

Let's go baby. She lays me back down and straddles me and grabs my cock then turns and you got it right again fellas the Maricopa escort classified of all positions Shit I'm looking at a most perfectly sculpted pussy as she's vacuuming my tube steak with agile and very excellent skill! Oh god I don't need or want to cum before tapping that pussy with my cock so I twist her back and into the mish we go, then to the doggy then to the buddha, and back to the doggy! In the doggy finally slow down both of us and then YES she's highly receptive to the 3RD hole fulfillment.

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I'm like oh after 30mins of passionate sex and having this presented to me I know I'm not going to last much longer. Damn right I was too fellas. Lasted maybe 3 Mins. Shit and she's exhausted fellas. I have her lay down on the bed in supine position face down and I'm laying on top kind of the side with her and we're hotter than hot with trickles of sweat. More like moisture than sweat to be honest.

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I'm there still with my hands around her cupping those 34B's again I know. Laying there about 15mins and talking and then another entire round we go! Unbelievable and absolutely fellows I don't know if she's like this with just me or with all fellows but a true experience. After 2 hours of what I deem true passionate GFE or honeymoon love-making I drove her back to her car which started then she went home. I love ya Angell and be seeing you again in a month! I can't take it anymore!

Halfway through your report I had to run and take a cold shower. When I finished reading, I just leaned back and smoked a cigarette with a suspicious stain on my pants. Great report! I did check the link you provided and there doesn't appear to be any contact info. I guess I'll go to Craigslist and check the postings for Dang dude Alsoyou need to Maricopa escort classified that story into Penthouse letters or something LOL Be Safe! Dick- Thanks for the viewer's review. I doubt it but thanks for the comments.

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Raynmann- I've been calling her the past day or two and she's a hard one to contact. I thought about seeing if she'd come up for a weekend. I'm telling you her bod is just fine. Phoenician Mongers- You gotta experience this hottie. Pic was one of 3 I took. Others have face exposed which I told her I wouldn't reveal. This photo really sucks. If you can lighten it up mongers please edit then repost the pic. Going back down in three weeks for another go around.

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This time with a Vitamin V! See if we can go three rounds instead of two. Let you know later. Member Here's a quickie retouch on your pic. I'm sure that if someone else really works on it, it'll be a little clearer. Zombie, Thanks for the info. Guess I'm a newbie at using Craigslist. I am, however, reluctant enough to provide a phone and now I would also have to send an with a phone. I just read where virtually anyone can get access to your phone records cell or landline.

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I am sure also that records are easily compromised as well. I will look into setting up an alias for my s, but don't really know what to do about the cell phone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Also a couple of new photos. Definately a babe if so. Dick, I would recommend getting a pay-by minute cell phone to use for these occasions. My SO checks our phone records, so I have to resort to this method. Although, this is another added expense to an already expensive hobby. Yeah, that girl is pretty cute and that was a very hot report ! DN Does anyone know what films Angel has done? I find it unusual for a girl who claims to be an XXX Film Hottie, to hide her face now, after she has had her xxx films distributed.

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