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Bidet installation at homes and offices are becoming more common. Electronic bidet installation is also gaining much popularity. If you do not know what is a bidet, it is a plumbing fixture to wash and clean your anus, vulvas or genitals after you have excreted waste from the body.

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manual bidet installation with hose
Traditional bidet installation

Bidet Improvement

Traditionally, the Bidet is separated from the toilet bowl. It is usually placed side-by-side to the toilet bowl and has its own tap for washing.

The introduction of the manual bidet which comes with a hose saves space in the city and it soon becomes the default bidet installation.

The invention of electronic bidet provide a bidet which is attached to the toilet seat. It is controlled remotely by the press of buttons or touch screen LCD. The nozzle under the toilet seat sprays water to the area which requires cleaning. As such, we no longer need to use our hands for cleaning our affected parts after excretion.

Recently, more features are added to electronic bidet. Instead of spraying water at room temperature, the electronic Bidet can now spray warm water. Some of the electronic Bidets also come with a blower for drying purpose. Lately, water pressure and direction of spray can also be adjusted.

Electronic bidet is a more hygienic way of washing after we have excreted because we need not use our hands anymore. Therefore, all household should be encouraged to install an electronic bidet for hygiene reason.

conventional bidet installation
Automatic Bidet Installation

Bidet Installation and Aging Population in Singapore

In Japan, electronic bidet is installed everywhere, in hotels and public toilets. Most Singaporeans do not own a bidet. However, with the aging population in Singapore, the aged who are physically challenged or have mobility issue may find electronic bidet a useful device to help them in their daily visit to the toilet. The electronic bidet may gain more popularity in the next couple of years in Singapore.

Electronic bidet installation

Greener Option with Bidet Installation

Do you know how much toilet paper you use every month? If Bidet is used, it could save you some money from buying toilet paper and save many trees.

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