Create More 3-Pin Socket Yourself

Should you create more 3-pin socket yourself? This is a common electrical DIY question.

With the increase use of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, wireless speakers, etc., we have more devices to charge nowadays and therefore it is normal to request for more 3-pin socket in the living room or bedroom. Some of us may wish to convert the single socket to double sockets, some of us prefer to have more. Getting an electrician to create more sockets usually does not cost too much.

Create more 3-pin socket

Electrician Should be Engaged for the Creation of More 3-Pin Socket

For safety reasons, electrical alteration and repair at home must be perform in accordance with the Singapore regulations. As such, we do not recommend the creation of additional 3-pin socket yourself. In the event that you think you are competent enough for the installation of the additional 3-pin socket, make sure you have the necessary tools and parts for the installation. Say, you are changing a single 3-pin to a dual 3-pin socket, most of the time you only need to replace the existing single socket with the dual socket. If you are keeping the existing single socket and installing an additional dual 3-pin socket, the complication will come in as you need to use the correct wire to create an extension from the existing wire. If wrong wire is use, it may lead to overheating and fire.

Most electrician would perform the necessary testing with test pen and other devices after the installation to ensure that live wire is installed correctly and the overall electricity load is within limit.

Should You Perform Electrically Installation and Repair Yourself?

Once again, we caution that you should not take unnecessary risk with electrical installation and repair. In the event that you think the risk is pretty calculated, it is important that the device, socket and wire is free from electricity before you perform electrical work. Make sure that you switch off the main power at the fuse box or circuit breaker and test the device and socket that it is free from electricity before you carry out the task. It is also a good habit to leave a note at the fuse box informing others not to switch it on while your are performing the electrical task.

Though you may be tempted to perform simple electrical work on our own, there is always some risk of getting yourself into danger. Getting advice from friends and relatives may not be the best option no matter how tempting it is. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there regarding what we’re allowed to do ourselves and what has to be left to a professional. Mover, in the event of fire or other accidents occurred due to your installation, you also face the risk that the insurance may not compensate you.

As such, it is wise to engage a qualified and certified electrician to deal with your electrical issue rather than to do-it-yourself and mess the situation up.