Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair in Singapore

Ceiling fan installation is common in Singapore given its hot and humid climate. The ceiling fan is probably the most effective way of cooling you down other than the air-conditioner.

Ceiling Fan Installation Singapore

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Spinning Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Ceiling fan installation service usually comes free with the purchase of new ceiling fan. However, some households may wish to reuse their ceiling fan when they relocate from their existing apartments to their new apartments. When they wish to do so, they may have to contact a handyman or an electrician to dismantle and re-install the fan.

Sometimes, the ceiling fan may breakdown or may not function properly and the electrician has to be called upon to repair the fan.

Common Ceiling Fan Problems

When ceiling fan gives you problem, you can either replace it or find an electrician to repair it. However, before you engage the electrician, please check how much you have to pay for the transport and repair fee. If it adds up to about 50% of a new fan, you may be better off buying a new fan which comes with warranty.

The speed of the ceiling fan may slow down over time due to the following reasons:

  1. Ceiling Fan Bearing Problem:
    If you spin the blades manually and they have difficulty turning freely, it should be the bearing problem. Sometimes, the electrician just needs to oil the bearing to rectify the problem.
  2. Ceiling Fan Wobbles or Shakes when Switched On:
    When the ceiling fan wobbles or shakes, it means the blade is out of shape or position or is damaged. The electrician or repairman needs either to reposition or replace it.
  3. Spoiled Capacitor:
    When the capacitor is damaged, the fan will not turn as fast as before. A change of capacitor by the electrician should solve the problem.
  4. Spoiled Remote Control:
    Sometimes the remote control is the culprit for slower fan speed. If the remote control is the cause of the problem, changing it should easily solve the problem.
Ceiling Fan Installation Service

Wall Fan Installation Service

Besides ceiling fan, wall fan installation is also quite common in Singapore. Some people prefer wall fan because they do not have a high ceiling or are worried that the ceiling fan may hurt themselves when they raise their hands. As most of us own a HDB apartment with low ceiling, wall fan or standing fan becomes our next best option.

Standing Fan Installation Service

Setting up a standing fan can be a hassle for some fan owners. As such, they may contact a handyman to help them to set it up after they have purchased the fan.

Repairing Wall Fan and Standing Fan

Nowadays, it is not common to repair a wall or standing fan because they are not very expensive. Most of us would dispose the spoilt fans and replace them with new fans. If the fan has sentimental value to you, we will be glad to repair them.

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