DIY Painting | How to Paint Your House Easily on Your Own

Do-it-yourself or DIY painting is a task most new home owners in Singapore would consider when they bought a new house or apartment. Getting a painter to paint the place would easily cost you more than a thousand dollars. With limited budget, many new home owners would take on this task as it looks quite easy. But is it really that easy to paint your place on your own?

DIY Painting - what should you consider?

You should consider the following factors before you proceed with the house painting yourself:

  1. Cost of DIY Painting - You should consider the cost of painting before you embark on DIY painting. It would normally cost you $50 to $100 per can of five litres' paint. Say if you need five to six cans, say using different colours for some areas, it would easily means $250 to $600 on paint. Let say you spend $450 on the paint, you will need to spend another $50 or more on the painting equipment. As such, your would easily incur $500 for your DIY painting. Next item, which can be more costly than the paint, is the time spent on painting. It is quite difficult to paint the whole apartment (assuming a 3-bedroom apartment) within one day. You would easily spend two to three days painting the apartment. With regards to those few days of painting, will you be able to make more money elsewhere (as compared to the cost of painting)? If yes, you may wish to think twice about painting it yourself.
  2. Physical Exhaustion and Strain - As you are not used to painting the house, you are likely to experience physical aches after the painting process. The aches can be quite intense at the neck area if you are the one painting the ceiling. This is due the constant looking up at the ceiling when you paint. Maybe some medical cost and physical down time should be factor into the total house painting cost.
  3. Cleaning up After House Painting - The cleaning of house at the end of each day after the DIY painting is also a hassle. As such, most people would rather engage a professional painter to paint the house or apartment instead of performing the DIY painting.

Sometimes the homeowners may wish to paint their own house not so much to save cost but to enjoy the experience of painting their own house. It is the satisfaction they derive from the DIY painting process. For this group of homeowners/painters, I hope you enjoy the painting process. Most would only try once just for the experience.

DIY painting
DIY painting by couple
Do-it-yourself or DIY painting

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