Door Repair Service Singapore

Door repair service is not frequently needed because the door is usually durable and seldom gives you problem.

Door Repair for Locks and Hinges

Door lock and hinges may malfunction after many years.  They may require earlier attention if you did not oil them periodically. Most of the time door lock repair is not cheap.  As such, it may be more cost effective to replace it with a new lock.

Door hinges should usually last longer than door lock. Most of the time you just have to oil the hinges and they should function properly.

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Our Handyman can easily repair your damaged door or replace it with a new door.

Door Repair
door repair and replacement of hinges

Door Repair and Door Alignment

Another common problem with kitchen cabinets and wardrobes is their door alignment.  There is a tendency that one side of the door drops lower and is mis-aligned from the other door. This can easily be solved by adjusting the hinges.

door repair and door knob installation

Door Knob Replacement

Door knob is the most frequently requested door repair service. As we uses the door and door knob everyday, it tend to spoil more easily as a result of the constant usage. If you are adventurous, you may perform the door knob replacement yourself. Alternatively, you may call our handyman for door repair and replacement services.

Door Handle Repair

The handles of our wardrobe and kitchen cabinets may detach from the doors and may be difficult to reattach because the tread for the screw is spoilt. A handyman will be able to find another suitable handle and reattach it for you.

Door Replacement

Door warping or bending is common in Singapore's humid weather. The moisture in the air affects the shape of wooden door and cause it to bend. When it bends too much, you may not be able to close the door properly. Though the handyman carpenter may be able to re-shaped the door, it may be better for you to replace the door.  Door replacement is quite common after 10 years if the door is of poor quality. At Handyman Singapore, our carpenter will be able to attend to your door replacement and installation needs.

Door Repair for Toilet, Bathroom and Balcony Door

Because of constant exposure to the water and heavy usage, the toilet and bathroom doors tend to spoil more easily than other doors.

Tempered glass door is commonly installed in our bathroom. They can be sliding door or swinging door.  For sliding door, the bearings and wheels which run along a track and allow it to slide may need to be changed or replaced after some time.  For swinging door, the hinges may create some irritating noise as it ages and make the door difficult to close. If oiling the hinges does not help, you will have to change them. For bi-fold door, the constant folding and straightening of the door makes the door hinges more prone to damage. Sometimes, the bi-fold door can derail from its track if too much force is exerted when opening and closing the door.

Balcony door usually uses the same type of mechanism - sliding, swinging or bi-fold.  For sliding and bi-fold doors, you should expect the same problems after some years.

handyman door repair service

Repair Rubbish Chute Door

The door of our rubbish chute is usually quite small.  However, we have the tendency to squeeze a big bag of rubbish into the chute and force it down by closing the rubbish chute's door forcefully.  As such, the rubbish chute's door and hinges are under tremendous stress and may give way over time.  At Handyman Singapore, we are able to find suitable rubbish chute door and hinges for replacement. If the whole rubbish chute's frame needs to be replaced, we can also help you with the replacement.

Gate Repair

Door gate of the main door seldom gives you problem. The only issue which you may face is rust.  If you need our help to paint the gate, just give us a call or email us.  Alternatively, you may wish to change the gate to rust resistance stainless steel gate which we would be glad to provide.

All Types of Door Repair Service by Handyman Singapore

Handyman Singapore observes the necessary safety standards and ensures that your door repair, replacement or installation is of high quality.  Call us now at (+65) 6876 7920 or send a message to us for reliable and quality door repair service.

If you need locksmith service, we have partnered Locksmith Singapore to attend to your urgent need. We would like you to know that we also provide electrical, plumbing, painting and carpentry services other general house repair and maintenance work.