Drain Snake, Electric Coil Snake and Plumber Snake to Unclog Choked Pipes

A drain snake tool is used to remove clogged drain pipe. It is a long and flexible spring auger shown below. In the past, you may have to manually rotate the drain snake coil to remove the clogs. Nowadays, it is frequently operated with an electric drill.

drain snake and plunger

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Our Handyman Plumber easily clear your choked pipes with electric coil snake or drain snake.

Use Plunger before the Drain Snake

The drain snake is also called the electric coil snake and plumber snake. Most of the time, drain snake is not used. It is only used for difficult clogs that cannot be easily loosened.  Most clogs can be cleared with other less aggressive tool like a plunger. The plunger is easier to perform. You just have to ensure that the plunger is placed flat on the sink or ground to create a seal. Thereafter, you just have to push and release the plunger to clear the clogged drain. Plunger makes use of pressure to clear the clog.

How to Use the Drain Snake?

Push the tip of the drain snake coil into the opening of the drain. Switch on your drill so that the coil starts rotating and penetrating into the drain. You have to push the snake coil deeper as it rotates. Once you feel any blockage or resistance, it means that you have reached the clog. You may have to apply some force to get the drain snake coil to break up the clog and penetrate through. Once the clog is removed, the drain snake coil should slide through easily. You may wish to go deeper just in case there are multiple clogs. After the removal of clogs, flush some water down the drain to confirm that the clog is removed and drain is cleared.

Stop Dumping and Use A Drain Screen

To prevent the drain from clogging, it is important to stop dumping solid materials and hairs into the sink. It is also a good practice to use a drain screen for your sink and bathroom to filter the solid object and hairs which would clog the drain pipes. Nowadays, the drain screen that comes with the kitchen sink may not be that effective because the filtration holes are too big. You may wish to buy a separate drain screen with smaller holes.

Extendable Drain Snake

Handyman to Unclog Choked Pipes with Electric Plumber Snake

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