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Drilling into live wire concealed in the wall is one of the main worries of father performing DIY tasks at home. If you are staying in HDB flats, you should not be worried about this issue because HDB disallows owners from concealing the wires in the wall. However, if you are staying in condominium or landed property, this will be one of the main concerns assuming you like to perform household repairs on your own.

drill into live wire

Most of the live wires should come straight down from the ceiling where most of the wires are run to the lighting points. As such, the chances of you drilling into a live wire is greatly reduced. However, there is still a chance of hitting it. With properly grounded drill equipment, you should still survive when you hit the live wire. If you are worried that your drill equipment is not properly grounded, you may wish to switch off the circuit breaker supplying electricity to your apartment except the area furthest from the place you are drilling. For example, if I am drilling the wall at the balcony, kitchen is probably the area furthest from balcony. I only leave the electricity supply there and use an extension cord to supply electricity to the balcony. In this way, even if I hit the electrical wire, it is unlikely to be a live wire. These are the few comfort points. The main thing here is that you wish to avoid drilling into any wires because replacing the electrical wires in the house is the main headache and not hitting them.

How do you avoid drilling into live wires?

You may be able to purchase a stud finder with live wire detection function or a wire detector device. It is important to buy a quality device so that it won't let you down.

Some home owners have 2 such devices so that they can use one to find and the other to confirm. This is for double assurance to confirm that there is no live wire at the spot where you are going to drill. The wire detector is definitely an equipment worth investing in.

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Professional Drilling Service Avoids Drilling into Live Wire

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With our Professional Handyman, you know that we have the right equipment and experience to ensure that we don't drill into your live wires. It may be cheaper to get a handyman to perform the drilling than to get an electrician to rewire that stretch of the wall. In any situation, even for rewiring of house, our electrician handyman will be able to provide the electrical service. Our contact number is (+65) 6876 7920. You can also drop us an email via our contact page.

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