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Electrical risk is faced by all of us every day. However, we must ensure that we observe the safety requirements to minimize electrical risk. From watching television programs to heating our water for bathing purpose, electricity is used by every household in Singapore. However, the safety aspect of handling electricity is often taken for granted.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker or Main Electrical Circuit

Most of the time, electric current leakage at home would trigger the tripping of the Residual Current Circuit Breaker (also known as the Main Electrical Circuit or Fuse Box). It cuts off the electricity immediately when the leakage is detected. This is a safety device which prevents shock and injury to a person when there is leakage. As such, the Circuit Breaker should be tested and checked by an electrician regularly to ensure that it functions properly.

Electrical Risk

Not Overloading the Power Socket or Point

We may have the habit of using multiple adaptors so that many electrical appliances can tap on a single socket. When doing so, we are overloading the power point and may lead to overheating and start a fire. If you need multiple sockets in a particular place, you should engage a licensed electrician to create more sockets rather than using adaptors to self create the multiple sockets.

Similarly, when you are using power extension cord, make sure that it can take the load of the electrical appliances you are connecting it to. If there is overloading, the extension cord may be over-heated and fire may occur. If you are not sure whether you will overload the extension cord with the connected electrical appliances, please contact the electrician to clarify.

Grounding or Connecting to Earth Wire to Minimize Electrical Risk

You should ensure that electrical equipment are properly grounded to reduce the risk of being shocked, electrocuted or injured when there is a short circuit. For safety reason, you should try and use a plug with the earth pin for proper grounding.

Electrical Risk Control by Checking Condition of Wire Insulation

If the outer insulation of the wire is not intact and wire is exposed, you should not use the electrical appliance. The wire should be repaired and tested by an electrician before you use the appliance.

Water and Electricity Don't Mix

When you are handling electrical appliances and touching the switches, you should ensure that your hands and fingers are dry. When water comes in contact with electricity, it may lead to electricity leakage and you may be electrocuted.

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