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Did you just search for Electrician Singapore to fix your electrical problem? If yes, you have found the right website and electrical service provider. At Handyman Singapore, our skilled electricians can help you fix your electrical problem.  Our contact number is (+65) 6876 7920.

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Electrician Singapore Advice on Electrical Risk

Electrical work, if not carried out properly, can be dangerous. Whether it is the wiring of your apartment or the repair of your electrical appliances, short circuit may occur when the repair or wiring is not carried out correctly and safely. This may lead to electric shock, electrocution or fire and cause injury and death. As such, it is important that you select a qualified electrician to perform any electrical work.

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Licensed Electrician Singapore

Electrician who perform electrical work in Singapore has to be certified and licensed. Electrical work can be any installation and repair of electrical appliances, replacement of sockets or the troubleshooting of electrical wiring.

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Choosing an Electrician in Singapore

How do you choose an electrician? Can your friends or relatives refer an electrician to you? How do they find the service of the electrician when they engaged him previously?

No matter where you get the contact of the electrician, it is important that you verify the electrician’s name or licence number to ensure that he is a licensed electrician in Singapore.  You can perform the verification of electrician by visiting Energy Market Authority's website.

Tripping of Main Electrical Circuit or Fuse Box

If your main electrical fuse box or circuit box trips or shuts down repeatedly, it may be a sign of faulty wiring or faulty electrical appliance. The electrician needs to locate the appliance or the wire which causes the trip. If you notice that the use of a particular switch or electrical appliance always lead to the tripping of the main electrical fuse box, you should inform the electrician so that he can speed up his troubleshooting process and locate the fault more quickly.

Circuit Breaker or Fuse Box

General Safety Tips by Handyman Electrician Singapore

We recommend that you observe the following safety advice:

  • Ensure that power cords are not exposed or damaged. If they are damage, avoid using them immediately and replace them.
  • When you use extension cord, make sure that they are push to the edges of the wall so that no one trips over it. If possible, tape the cords to the wall or floor. However, please do not use nails or staples on the cord as they may damage the cords and wiring.
  • Always ensure that the voltage of your electrical appliances is in line with Singapore voltage output (i.e. 220 to 240 Volts).
  • If you are using a multi-plugs extension cord, make sure the combined power of the appliances does not exceed the recommended maximum power which the extension code can support. Consult your electrician if you are unsure.
  • If you feel that your plugs or outlets are always hot, it may be a sign that there may be wiring problem. Stop using it and get an electrician to examine it.
  • Do not change your light bulb immediately after you switch it off. It may still be hot and may burn your hand.
  • Avoid doing any electrical work in wet or damp places as there is a high chance of electricity shock or electrocution.
  • Label all switches in the main circuit box and switch it off when you are performing electrical works.
  • Ensure that your power tool is switched off before you connect its plug to the power supply socket.
  • Power tool should have 3-Pin plugs instead of 2-Pin plugs. 3-Pin plug is grounded to ensure safety when there is electricity leakage. This would prevent electrocution. Just remember that 3-Pin plugs are always safer than 2-Pin plugs.
  • Ensure that all flammable object and gases are kept away from the place where the electrical tasks are performed. This would prevent a fire if there is excess heat or spark.
  • Switch off the main circuit box, wear insulation gloves, etc. when performing electrical work. This reduces the risk of electric shock or electrocution.
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At Handyman Singapore, our electrical services always exceed our customers' expectation. We troubleshoot your electrical problems and resolve them quickly. Our electrical services include rewiring apartment, adding and replacing electrical socket, outlet and plug, and installing electrical appliances like fan and water heater. We provide excellent electrical service at affordable price. Most importantly, we give you a peace of mind as all electrical work is tested to be safe and working properly before we leave your premises.

Handyman Singapore provides a one-stop service for all your repairs and installation needs including urgent electricalplumbing, carpentry, painting, aircon and door repair service. We are here to meet all your household repair and maintenance needs. Our contact number is (+65) 6876 7920. You may also email us here.

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