Electrical Wiring and Rewiring Services

Electrical wiring and rewiring services refers to the laying of new electrical wires in the house. When you buy over a new house or apartment, the old wires may no longer be in good condition after many years of use. As such, it is advisable for you to rewire the house or apartment for safety reason. Sometimes you may wish to rewire a section of the house or apartment because of damaged wires due to accidental drilling of live wires or other reasons. Regardless of the reason for rewiring house, our electrician handyman who is certified and qualified to perform electrical work including wiring and rewiring of house and apartment.

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When to Perform an Electrical Wiring?

If the electrical wires of a house or an apartment have not been changed for 8 to 12 years, you should consider rewiring it when you bought the house or apartment. It is always easier to rewire when you are renovating the place than when you have shifted in and are living inside. The cost of electrical wiring various from HDB to condominiums and landed properties. For HDB flats, the electrical wiring process is simpler because the wires are not allowed to be concealed in the walls. As such, removing and laying new wires are easier compared to that of condominiums and landed properties. The size of house or apartment and the number of electrical points also affect the cost of laying new electrical wires. The bigger the place is, the more wires and manpower is required for laying the wires. The more electrical points there are, the more effort it is to create electrical outlets.

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Advice on Engaging Electrician for Electrical Wiring of House

Before you sign on the contract to engage an electrician, make sure that they are licensed electrician by Energy Market Authority. Next, you may wish to ask his years of experience in electrical work especially in rewiring of house. If he is licensed and experienced, you should be more assured that properly electrical work will be carried out. Otherwise, you may wish to reconsider engaging this electrician.

Choosing an Electrician in Singapore

How do you choose an electrician? Can your friends or relatives refer an electrician to you? How do they find the service of the electrician when they engaged him previously?

No matter where you get the contact of the electrician, it is important that you verify the electrician’s name or licence number to ensure that he is a licensed electrician in Singapore.  You can perform the verification of electrician by visiting Energy Market Authority's website.

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Electrician's Wiring Work in Singapore

We have licensed electrician who focus mainly on rewiring work. Let us know you electrical needs today and we shall arrange for a discussion with you. You may call us at or email us via our contact form to arrangement for the discussion on electrical wiring or other handyman services.

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