Locksmith Service Singapore

Locksmith service is needed when you leave your keys in the house or lost your keys and lock yourself out. If you are single and do not leave a set of keys with someone else, it is likely that you will need help to gain access to your house.

You may have to calm yourself down when you lost your keys because panicking does not help. Go and look for gaps at the windows or somewhere where you can possibly hook the keys out. If that is not possible or too dangerous, you may have to look for a locksmith and he should be a trusted locksmith. It is not difficult to find a locksmith but it is not easy to find a good and trusted locksmith. Give your friend a call to see if your friend has a locksmith to introduce. It is always good to engage the locksmith who has been tried and tested.

Engage our Handyman Locksmith Service

Whether it is mechanical or electronic digital lock, you can count on our lock specialist to help you.

Locksmith Service for Emergency Situation

For emergency situation, you would need a locksmith urgently. Some locksmiths are always on standby (i.e. 24 hours) and you can call them anytime. However, it is normal that you have to pay a higher fee for emergency locksmith service.

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Locksmith's advice to Prevent Locking Yourself Out

Experience locksmiths have the following advice for people who tend to lock themselves out:

  1. If you are using a padlock for your door gate, make sure you buy one which would not release your key when the the padlock remains opened.
  2. Keep a set of keys with your parents or siblings so that you can approach them to unlock the door when you lock yourself out.
  3. Install a digital lock on your door which uses biometric identity to unlock the door. Such keyless technology is gaining much popularity because of its convenience.
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Handyman Singapore Strategic Partnership with Locksmith Singapore

Handyman Singapore has partnered Locksmith Singapore for general locksmith service and 24 hour emergency locksmith service. We have selected Locksmith Singapore as our partner because we have done our test and confirmed their quality and reliability. Locksmith Singapore helps to open conventional key lock as well as modern digital lock. Most importantly, this strategic tie-up means that Locksmith Singapore shall offer preferential rates to customers of Handyman Singapore. It means affordable and trusted locksmith service at affordable prices from us.  With this partnership, Handyman Singapore is able to provide wider range of handyman services and serve you better. We now have locksmith service on top of our plumbing, electrical, painting, carpentry, aircon and other related services. Call us now at (+65) 6876 7920 or write to us for all kinds of handyman services.