Modern Mobile Handyman

Modern handyman has changed the way they work in Singapore. In view of the escalating rental cost of premises, Modern Handyman has shifted from fixed place of business to operating the business from a van. They called themselves the Mobile Handyman. All their equipment and tools for electrical, plumbing and general repairs are housed in the van. They make appointments and drive their van to the location to perform repair. The cost savings from renting the fix premises give them a competitive edge in terms of pricing their services. It also gives them the flexibility of driving their vans to the suppliers to source of materials and tools used for their repair and installation services.

With their well-equipped van, Mobile handyman basically has all the tools and equipment (including drills and ladder) stored in the vans for the common repairs and maintenance work. Most importantly, their setup allows them to take on job quickly and flexibly.

Mobile Handyman versus Conventional Handyman Business

Mobile Handyman is frequently operated by one person. Unlike an established Handyman business with a ready pool of workers, Mobile Handyman can only take on small jobs. Large scale repairs will be difficult for them to perform because of manpower constraints and limited tools.

Though their service fee may be low, their material and equipment costs may be high as they do not get the economies of scale from bulk purchases of materials and tools. As such, the eventual fee quotation you get from a Mobile Handyman and the Conventional Handyman may not differ too much.

Mobile Handyman does not have a back-up team and faces the risk of not being able to fulfill the repair if unforeseen circumstances occur (e.g. the van breaks down or he falls sick). Conventional mid-size Handyman Businesses with a team to complete the tasks can quickly replace any worker who is ill. It can also hire another replacement van (as the tools are not stored in the van permanently) when a particular van breaks down.

For some jobs like painting and installation and repairs of aircon, Mobile Handyman may not be able to perform. In other words, their scope of repair, installation or maintenance services is usually narrower. For small residential repair, it should be fine engaging a Mobile Handyman. For larger scale commercial repair, you may wish to consider engaging Handyman Business with a sizable team of workers.

Eventually, when it comes to handyman service, it is the delivery of high quality repair, maintenance and installation that counts and not so much of whether they are mobile or not. The reputation and reliability of Handyman service is built over time and Handyman Singapore is proud to be one of the most established household repair and maintenance operator in Singapore whom you can contact easily.

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