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Krummel tuned in to German als to help bombers root out and destroy submarines off the U. Bill Krummel sits with his wife, Caroline, at the Hillsboro House on Saturday with photos from their year marriage. He searched the deep corners of his mind during an hour-plus conversation, looking for thoughts and words and images to describe what he did during World War II.

He saw his ship, an escort carrier, with its dozen planes and pilots waiting for Krummel to provide key information.

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They wanted to know where to drop their bombs to destroy German U-boats on the Atlantic coast of the United States. Krummel, tuned in to German als, became a pioneering member of the U. But we lost thousands of sailors and citizens off our coasts, the ships sometimes exploding within sight of land. We had to get them, and we did. Most of the men who fought the Germans and the Japanese in the s are gone now. He was visiting his wife, Caroline, whom he married 74 years ago, at Hillsboro House, a senior care facility.

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It has room for just 33 residents, but enough charm to serve as a New England-promoting postcard, with trees, screened-in porches, wicker outdoor furniture and a fireplace. It was a full measure of devotion.

There was nobody like these guys. They endured the worst conditions imaginable and kept it to themselves for decades.

New Hampshire Sluts

Only in recent years have many veterans from the s begun to open up about what they saw and felt. He and Caroline met at church on Long Island and married, at 18 years old, on June 28,shortly after Krummel returned home from boot camp, just weeks before he shipped out. It was a love story, the perfect American war story, with the husband shipping out of Norfolk, Va. Some of those planes needed direction, and Krummel was one of the people who provided it.

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He took typing in high school, making him perfect for the role of direction finder — the man who, after learning Morse code during trainingeavesdropped on U-boat messages in the North and South Atlantic. From there, the information moved to the captain, then to the pilots, who stood ready on the escort carrier, waiting to fly their planes, hoping their bombs would cause a major explosion, hoping to produce an oil slick that would reveal success.

He watched planes go down, planes carrying pilots he knew. His carrier brought POWs to Casablanca, continuing its mission to find subs along the way, always in danger of getting hit by a torpedo and sinking.

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It also picked up Americans killed during these sea battles. He was a banker after the war, 44 years riding buses and trains and subways from Long Island to Wall Street in Manhattan. Krummel visits nearly every day.

I asked Krummel how a person could handle such terror and sadness during the war. He said his age had something to do with it.

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He said his mortality, perhaps, remained in the background, not seeming real, despite all the death that surrounded him. Ray Ducklerour intrepid columnist, focuses on the Suncook Valley. He floats from topic to topic, searching for the humor or sadness or humanity in each subject. A native New Yorker, he loves the Yankees and Giants.

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The Red Sox and Patriots? Not so much. Darnell Hill was driving down Route around midnight last August when he was pulled over for speeding. During the stop, Officer Luis Berdecia of As New Hampshire hunters prepared for the muzzleloading season of white-tailed deer that started Saturday, their excitement reflects a surprising For people like me, the recipe for health security right now is two shots and a chaser.

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But not the alcoholic kind. My recipe was two Pfizer vaccines E-Edition Subscribe .

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There is always something new to learn. In fact, their two daughters once dressed like Rosie for Halloween, a clear tribute to mom. He drives himself. Support the Concord Monitor. Subscribe Today.

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