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On the outskirts of a town called Pottsboro, there is a place called the Shady Grove. The only people that remember anything notable about it are all in their 70s or 80s and almost all of them refuse to speak of it. There are a few, however, that will break their vow of silence and tell of the horrendous events that happened there. They spoke to me bout how they had seen what hell truly looked like and how soon they would pay for what they've done. During the s, a cult had formed in the town.

They had taken to sacrificing people to summon their "master," who their leader had claimed would banish the filth from the Earth and begin a time of true peace. The only catch was that they had to sacrifice only female children, but only if they were deemed impure after a night with the leader. After he had collected about ten little girls, he told them the day of judgment was upon them and to prepare the circle about five miles outside of town.

That night, at AM, they began to ritual by covering the girls in the blood of pigs and cutting the children's arms and legs about one to two inches apart from each cut.

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The next part was the cover their bodies in oil and light it. After this step, their bodies burst into blue flames and from the flame came a woman with eyes as black as coal and skin as white as snow. The woman walked straight at the leader while saying something in an unintelligible language and he instantly burst into flames.

After that, the group I was interviewing told me they all blacked out, only to find themselves in their beds with a ticket in their hands that had the word "HELL" stamped on it. The group told me that if anyone attempted to enter the circle where the ritual took place, that would wake up instantly, have an intense vision of themselves burning alive, and then pass out and wake up in their beds holding the ticket to HELL.

Hey, if you're already damned, this could be a cost effective method of travel. Crazy story, quite like this one although it's not particularly suspenseful, still very decent stuff. The description of the woman is vaguely similar to the description of the "True appearance" of vampires in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

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I disagree This one was crap. It doesn't have anything a creepypasta should have, except fro the obligatory cutting and blood and paranormal things. Creepypasta is supposed to scare you, it's supposed to make you not want to sleep at night. This is nothing more than a rough description of a D-grade horror film. It was interesting, except for the part with waking up in bed with the "tickets to Hell.


Although I guess it would have made a lovely keepsake for their scrapbook! Intense attention to detail in some sections and quick gloss in others. The ritual seems almost as if the author had a checklist for "horrible things" and just ran on down it.

Meanwhile, the summoned being gets two overblown adjectives and nothing else.

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Feels more like "roughdraftpasta" I hadda clutch my My Little Pony plushie I was so frightened Rainbow Dash and I liked this pasta! I give it 5 cutiemarks outta 6. WTF man? Obvious troll, and it doesn't even make sense.

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Is someone telling people we're a bunch of ponyfags? Um, excuse me? When I wrote that while crying, it made perfect sense, and it still does. And who said anything about me being a brony, or "ponyfag" as you put it I'm a person who just screws stuffed animals in an improvised cut-out anus, in this case it just happened to be an MLP Rainbow Dash one I collect plushies of all kinds, to have sex with Okay, now I know you're a troll.

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Well, enjoy fucking your stuffed animals I guess. I'm a troll just because I dislike bronies while being a serial fluffyfucker? I can see how it seems hypocritical, but seriously, I don't care for them because they always think of themselves as tolerating and loving. While they may honestly think that when they're together in their little livestreams, that goes out the window when they go about their normal lives not involving ponies Their personality only becomes nicer when they're around others of their kind online.

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I misused my words when I called them "weird," I actually just think of them more as naively thinking they're terrific people. And you laughed at me being serious? Wait, you mean YOU weren't serious when you called bronies "annoying" in the comments of "Tower of Silence"? But anyway, have fun running that Equestria Daily blog I agree that it's more like a rough draft, but with some work, it may be good. Absolute shit. Jumbled tropes strung together to be a creepy pasta. Nothing suspenseful, nothing even remotely creepy or scary.

And even concluded with an extremely juvenile, almost slapstick element. Here's this terrible story of a terrible place with a very cliche name.

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Some children were killed her as the result of a crazed cult. The people who witnessed it vowed never to speak of it And WAIT, there's more! They also got a ticket to hell! Quite literally. It could have been longer and more descriptive. I felt that it had a decent build up but very little pay off.

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The idea of a cultist ritual actually working, and them not being prepared for that, is a good idea. I also like the idea of someone getting a ticket to hell. These two ideas, while both interesting, do not belong together.

All in all, I feel that there are good ideas here that just aren't developed well enough. Wait think about it I just relised that's where frosty came from :D no wonder why I sensed his evil thumpty thump thump thumpty thump thump it's the hearts of many humans Juuust saying My cousin lived there and I used to go to her house and we would always watch horror movies which scared me really bad when I was little, she is 2 yrs older.

I was a night owl, unlike her and everyone else that was always there who went to sleep at like So I have all these memories of just laying awake in the dark, staring out of the huge windows in her house and just being terrified!

Oklahoma Sluts

They have a ton of cemeteries there too! A lot for such a small town Anyways, the story wasn't anything special but my jaw dropped when I saw the name of the town.

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Watching the original 'Night of the Living Dead' always reminds me of the town as well I think it's snooping as usual you see Haha, this one is terrible. At least it makes me laugh, I guess. But there was a catch, the cult had to sacrifice only little girls!!! I was walking down the street listening to some OC Remixes of Sonic the Hedgehog music when a hyper-realistic black man came at me while chanting in Latin, but luckily I was able to show him I was on his side by making a stabbing motion.

He went on his merry way, raping and murdering fifteen white teenage girls, but some black reverends redundancy, I know got together, chanted that "We will overcome" song and got him off and managed to make white people feel guilty. ZIP: 74441 74464

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