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Whether or not that turns out to be the case — as there are ificantly different viewpoints in how police and the District Attorney interprets what transpired on video — is, ultimately, irrelevant.

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Once again, it takes a tragedy to shine light on problems that should have already been solved. According to press reports, the alleged attacker was a foreign national from the Congo, whose student visa expired six years ago, and who owned a considerable rap sheet.

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He proceeded to rack up numerous convictions — including drug and sex offenses — yet, incomprehensibly, was allowed to remain in America by an immigration judge. Planet Earth to the government: have we met?

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How could those actions possibly have occurred? But which society?

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Fact is, many prisoners released into American society are foreigners who A are in this country illegally, and B are violent offenders. Likewise, countless illegal immigrants who, after being caught attempting to cross the border, are set loose into American communities with the laughable order to appear in immigration court at some date far in the future. This has created a firestorm as thousands of Americans have been victimized — some paying the ultimate price — at the hands of known criminals.


Note: This column has always been pro-immigration, provided that it is legally obtained. Laudably, America continues to be the most generous nation on Earth in that regard, granting legal status upon over one million new immigrants per year. But somehow, that benevolence always seems to be forgotten.

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Since some of those crimes include robbery, assault, rape, murder, drugs, DUI, etc. Bottom line: when Americans are left wondering whose interest the government prioritizes — citizens or illegals — the system is truly broken.

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Yet government agencies, from Department of Homeland Security to ICE, confirm that hundreds of thousands of deportable criminals have been, and will continue to be, released rather than deported at the end of their sentences. Add to that the activist federal judges legislating from the bench, and you have a perfect storm for immigration chaos.

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Given the massive cost to house these people in prison, courtesy of the forgotten taxpayer, those with minor offenses should have their sentences commuted and be immediately deported. The same should apply to the serious offenders at the full conclusion of their term.

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The first of non-cooperation will result in the immediate termination of foreign aid, as well as the cessation of American visas to the citizens of your country. Yet for decades, congressional bills denying foreign aid and suspending visa issuances to countries that delay or refuse repatriation have gone nowhere — simply par for the course on all-things-immigration.

Singles in Pennsylvania, USA

The Republicans controlled the whole shebang from andand the Dems wielded total power fromand Yet no progress was made, even on something as basic as deporting criminals. A More criminals would remain in prison for their entire sentence. Currently, too many are seeing their sentences reduced or suspended altogether because there is simply not enough capacity, placing our law-abiding citizens in jeopardy yet again.

B There will be a huge savings to taxpayers.

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Our economic future, physical security, and continued respect for the rule of law depend on it. Chris Freind is a columnist and commentator whose column appears every Wednesday. By Chris Freind. To intervene, or not intervene.

Far and away, three aspects to this case are of paramount importance: Indisputably, the alleged crime should never, repeat never, have occurred, since the accused — an illegal immigrant with a criminal record — was reportedly permitted to stay in America by the U. More in Opinion.

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