Price of Electrical Installation and Repair Services in Singapore

Price of Electrical installation and repair is one of the first thing which comes to our mind when we need to get some electrical work done. Electrical installation and Repair is common after you stay in a place for some time. You may need additional switch at convenient location or you may wish to install new electrical appliances. In Singapore, getting an electrician to install or replace electrical items is not difficult. However, hiring quality and certified electrician at reasonable price for your electrical tasks may be a challenge.

Low price electrical installation
Price of Electrical Installation and Repair

Average Prices of Electrical Work Compared to Our Prices

In general, to perform a decent electrical job, the fee should not be too high or too low. If it is too low, there is a likelihood that you are getting inferior material and service. Our aim is to obtain quality electrical services at affordable prices. Below is a comparison on the average market prices charge by Singapore electrical vendors compared to the prices charge by us for common electrical services:

No.Description of ServiceOur PriceMarket Price
1Replace Light BulbSGD45SGD50 to SGD65Per Replacement
2Replace Light FittingsSGD45SGD55 to SGD65Per Replacement
3Replace Light On-Off SwitchSGD50SGD55 to SGD75Per Replacement
4Install Lighting PointSGD50SGD55 to SGD65Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent Lighting PointSGD30Per Installation
5Install ChandelierSGD110SGD120 to SGD140Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent ChandelierSGD100Per Installation
6Install Down LightSGD45SGD55 to SGD65Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent Down LightSGD25Per Installation
7Replace Electric 3-Pin Socket OutletSGD50SGD65 to SGD85Per Replacement
8Install Additional 3-Pin Socket Next to Existing SocketSGD60SGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
9Install 15A Power Point for Aircon and HeaterSGD130SGD180 to SGD245Per Installation
10Install Ceiling FanSGD140SGD150 to SGD160Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent Ceiling FanSGD120Per Installation
11Install Wall FanSGD110SGD120 to SGD130Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent Wall FanSGD100Per Installation
12Install SCV PointSGD100SGD100 to SGD110Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent SCV PointSGD80Per Installation
13Install & Wiring of Open Net, Data & LAN Port/Point*SGD110SGD115 to SGD125Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent Point*SGD90Per Installation
14Install Telephone PointSGD90SGD95 to SGD100Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent PointSGD60Per Installation
15Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (up to 10 Litre)SGD55SGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
16Install Electricity Water Tank Heater (more than 10 Litre)SGD110SGD160 to SGD250Per Installation
17Install TV BracketSGD70SGD80 to SGD120Per Installation
- Install 2nd and Subsequent TV BracketSGD50Per Installation
18Troubleshooting Electrical IssueSGD45SGD50 to SGD65Per Straight Forward Issue
19Routine Inspection (Half Year or Year)SGD45SGD50 to SGD65Per Inspection
20Replace 32A Distribution Box & Circuit BreakerSGD110SGD200 to SGD400Per Replacement

* Please call to clarify on details.


Our above prices is for pre-scheduled installation and replacement and include transport cost. There is no hidden charges impose by us. Emergency electrical installation will have separate surcharges. If premium materials are required or requested by customers, a separate charge will be imposed.

As shown, our price per replacement or installation is generally lower than the market rate. Moreover, when the number of installation or replacement carried out at one location increases, our price per installation or replacement decreases.

No Hidden Cost for Electrical Services

For other electrical installation, please call our electrician at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us for a fee quote. The fee or prices we quoted will give you a peace of mind because there is no hidden cost. If you are using other electrical service providers, please make sure that you clarify on the hidden costs before you commit to the service. For other household repair like plumbing, painting and carpentry, please also contact us.