Prices of Plumbing Services in Singapore

Prices of plumbing services are important to homeowners who are finding a plumber to provide plumbing repair and installation.

After a few years of stay in your home, taps may leak, the bidet may stop working, the drainage may be choked or the shower head may need replacement. These issues are very common. Some basins may crack and re-installation may be necessary. After mentioning the need for plumbing repair and rectification work, what we are usually most concern is the prices of plumbing services. Plumbing charges or rates can vary from one plumber to another. You should not be surprise that one plumber may quote you a lower fee for a particular plumbing service but higher fee for another service.

prices of plumbing services

Comparing Prices of Plumbing Services Offered by Us and the Market Rates

We believe in clear and transparent fee with no hidden costs. As such, we list our services below to assist you in comparing plumbing service fee charge by plumbers and making an informed decision whether to use our service.

No. Description of Service Our Price for first Installation or Rectification Our Price for Every Subsequent Installation or Rectification
1 Clear Toilet Bowl Choke & Sink Choke SGD90 SGD40
2 Rectify Toilet Leakages SGD90 SGD40
3 Clear Floor Trap & Drain Choke SGD90 SGD40
4 Clear Choke At Gully Hole SGD35 SGD25
5 Rectify Water Discharge Into Toilet Bowl By Replacing New Siphon SGD90 SGD60
6 Install or Replace Tap SGD55 SGD30
7 Labour & Material To Repair Exposed Copper Pipe Leakage SGD110 SGD90
8 Replace Kitchen Sink & Basin Tap SGD75 SGD50
9 Replace Bottle Trap For Kitchen Sink SGD30 SGD25
10 Flush Tank Leakages SGD35 SGD25
11 Replace Toilet Bowl & Squat To Sitting Bowl SGD170 SGD140
12 Rectify Leaking or Bursting Pipe SGD75 SGD60
13 Replace or Reinstall Showers & Bidet SGD65 SGD50
14 Install Kitchen Equipment SGD240 SGD180
15 Install Bathtub SGD110 SGD100
16 Supply & Replace Basin Pop-Up Waste Set SGD40 SGD30
17 Install Rain Shower Mixer SGD75 SGD60
18 Replace or Reinstall Gas Valve & Hob SGD55 SGD30


The plumbing fees shown above includes transport cost and there is no hidden fee.

Transparent prices for plumbing servicesno hidden fee for plumbing services

Handyman Plumbing Services At Reasonable Rates

There will definitely be some plumbers in Singapore who try to price themselves lower than us. What we promise is good services for the rates you pay. In other words, quality plumbing work at affordable rates. We are proud of our repair and installation work and will try our best to attend to your needs as soon as possible. Most importantly we have a strong and sizable team of plumbers who can be deployed easily and quickly to any parts of Singapore. Call us now at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us to get your plumbing issues or any household repair problems resolved.