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Roof cleaning and maintenance is particularly relevant to people who live in landed property in Singapore. Whether you are staying in Bungalow, Semi-Detached or Terrace, you have to manage your own roof cleaning. Roof cleaning is sometimes known as roof washing. It removes algae, moss, lichens, dirt, stains and other growth from the roof which tend to flourish at the shaded and moist area of the roof. These growth or dirt accumulation may affect the lifespan of the roof. Roof washing with the right solution will ensure that most of these growth and dirt are removed from the roof and therefore prolong the lifespan of the roof. You should engage a professional roof cleaning contractor to ensure that your roof is clean properly without damaging the roof. If it is not carried out with care, it may damage the water proofing of ceiling or roof and lead to roof leakages.

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use water pressure for roof cleaning
High Water Pressure Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Methods

High Pressure Roof Washing

Some home owners, when cleaning the roof themselves, may use high pressure washing as it removes the dirt and algae fast and effective. Not knowing that the high pressure water spray, scrubbing and brushing may also damage the roof and roof shingles, the home owners may end up calling the roof repairman in a short period of time.

Roof and roof shingles must be treated with care to ensure that their lifespan is prolonged. Roof shingles are a roof covering with overlapping flaps. As such, high pressure washing and scrubbing is not the best method of roof cleaning.

Chemical Solution Roof Cleaning

It is common that bleach and other chemical solution is used for roof cleaning when you engage a roof cleaning contractor. The chemical solution is sprayed on the roof several times and as needed. They will let the chemical solution settle in before washing it away. It should remove stubborn stains, algae, moss and lichens. The remaining chemical solution which is not raised may eventually be washed off by rain. It is important that the chemical solution is non-corrosive so that the roof will not be damaged.

Using bleach may be a cost effective way of cleaning the roof. However, the bleach and other chemical solution may affect the plants nearby and affect your pets and yourself if not wash away properly.

Roof Cleaning and Maintenance
Roof Cleaning and Clearing Choked Gutter

Environmentally Friendly Roof Shampoo

If you request for environmentally friendly or green roof cleaning products to clean your roof, you should be prepared to pay more as it is not as cheap as bleach and chemical solution.

Cleaning your roof with this shampoo, you can be assured that there will be no or little harm to the environment, yourself and pets.

As such, you have to decide wisely whether you should clean it yourself but will gentle spray and scrub, engage a roof cleaning man to wash your roof with either bleach (and chemical) or roof shampoo.

Clearing Leaves from Gutter and Cleaning Roof

Gutter Issue

If you do not clear your gutter periodically, leaves and other matters may accumulate in it and prevent it from carrying rainwater effectively away. Moreover, choked gutter may lead to mosquito breeding. Therefore, it is advisable for you to engage our gutter clearing service every 3 months to ensure that your gutter is properly maintained and not choked.

Solar Panel Roof Cleaning

Handyman for Roof Cleaning

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