Roof Repair Singapore

Roof repair service in Singapore is commonly requested by owners who live in landed property. If you are staying in a condominium or HDB apartments, the roof repair is usually handled by the management council or town council.

For owners of bungalow, semi-detached or terrace house in Singapore, as soon as you discover any leaks directly from roof or at the side of the wall, you should get it repaired quickly before it damages other parts of the roof and house. The earlier you address the roof leakage problem, the lower is the roof repair cost because it has not affected other parts of the house. If you are buying a resale house and intend to live in the house without rebuilding it, you should examine whether there is any stain at the ceiling and walls indicating roof leakages. If it is wide-spread, it may cost you substantially to repair the roof. Cost aside, safety is also a concern when there is roof leak. Water leaked from the roof may lead to electrical issue if it comes into contact with exposed wire. As such, we advise you to repair your roof leak as soon as possible to manage the roof leak issue.

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We repair damaged roof effectively and efficiently. Most importantly, the roof repair is performed at affordable rates.

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Roof repair and maintenance task

Tracing the Source of Roof Leak to Start the Roof Repair

There can be many reasons for roof leaks - wear and tear, broken, or missing shingles, loose nails or poorly sealed roof flashing.

The most difficult part of repairing roof leak is finding the source of the roof leak. It usually does not originate from the place where you see the leak because of the sloping roof. The leak may start from the top of the roof and the water flows down to other parts of the ceiling visible to you. A responsible roof repairman will find the source of roof leak (i.e. the cause of leak) rather than just temporarily patch the place where leak occurs. In order for a roof repair specialist to find the source of roof leak, he has to go to the attic and trace the leak (i.e. trace from the place where the leak occurs and follow the dampness or wetness all the way to the exact spot of the roof where leak originated). The task of tracing can sometimes be pretty dangerous because the repairman may fall from height if he is not careful and not wearing any safety harness. The tracing is made difficult if the wetness has dried up after a few days without rain. This means that the repairman has to trace based on stains and watermarks. If tracing is not possible this way, the repairman may have to spray water at the roof to re-create the leaking situation. The task may also be complicated by multiple leaks which converged to one leak or multiple leaks which diverge to more leaks.

Once the source of leak is found, the repairman will mark it for repair. The exact methods for repairing the leakage of roof depends greatly on the material used to construct the roof. Roof repair involves patching, overlaying and waterproofing in general.

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Contacting Roof Repair Specialist

It is important that you contact a roof repair specialist with experience and knowledge to handle your roof leakage skillfully. Most importantly, the cost of repairing your roof should be reasonable and affordable. You can count on our team repairman to get your roof fixed in a systematic and effectively way. Just ring us at (+65) 6876 7920 to discuss your situation or send us an email and we shall reply to you shortly.