Tap Repair, Installation and Replacement Singapore

Spoiled or leaking tap and tap repair service is common in Singapore. This is because we use our taps so frequently everyday and therefore it is expected to breakdown at some point in time.

Most household should have more than one water tap. Water tap, as the name implies, provides people with water just by simply turning it. In the past, Singapore’s water supply comes from well and rationing. However, times have changed and water supply is easily accessible via our water taps. In recent years, Singapore produces its own drinkable water either by recycling it from used water or sea water and no longer depend mainly on Malaysia for water supply.

tap repair using spanner
Water Tap Repair by Singapore Handyman

Types of Water Tap in Singapore

We usually see three types of water tap in Singapore. They are the Compression Washer Tap, Ball Tap and the Disk Tap.

Compression Washer Tap

Compression washer tap is the oldest type of water tap. You can still find these taps in many other countries but less common in Singapore now. A nut which is covered by a washer moves up and down against a seat to control the water flow. Leakages is frequent for this type of tap.

Ball Tap

This type of tap is frequently called the mixer where the single lever or handle control the hot and cold water. You just have to lift the handle up and tilt it towards left or right to rotate a ball in the tap so as to mix the hot and cold water.

Disk Tap

Disk tap looks quite similar to ball tap from the outside and is also controlled by a lever or handle. However, the interior is different. It has two ceramic disks in the tap which mix the hot and cold water instead of a rotating ball.

Leaking tap repair
Plumber with tools for Tap Repair

Tap Repair Service

The plumber who is repairing your tap must be able to identify the type of tap you are using and change the relevant parts accordingly. For compression washer tap, the change of washer would frequently solve the problem. For the ball tap, the repair may require the change of the ball, rings or washer. For ceramic tap, the plumber would usually replace the whole ceramic tap instead of repairing it as the problem commonly lies in the wearing off of the ceramic.

Getting our Skilled Tap Repair Expert

Our plumbers are well-trained in diagnosing the problem of your taps and taking the necessary action to rectify them. After the repair or replacement of tap, we ensure that there are no leakages and other problems before we leave your premises. Please contact us at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us to resolve your tap issue.

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