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Water heater repair is not a service which we frequently request because most water heaters last for many years and are not expensive to replace.  Instead, water heater installation is more common than water heater repair.

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Different types of water heater

Water Heater heats water up for bathing, washing and other uses. There are different types of water heater. In Singapore, water heater can typically be classified into the following types:

  • Electricity Water Tank Heater
  • Electricity Tankless Heater
  • Gas Water Tank Heater

Electricity Water Heater uses electricity to heat the water up. When electric current passes through electrical-resistance elements, the elements becomes hot and it heats up the water. The heated water is then supply to the user.

The Tankless Heater usually uses less electricity and occupies less space than the Water Tank Heater because it supplies hot water on-demand and does not maintain a pool of hot water. Moreover, Tankless Heater heats up the water faster than the Tank Heater.  The bigger the tank, the slower it takes to heat up the water. On the other hand, the Tankless Heater may not be able to supply as much hot water at once and therefore the flow of hot water supply may not be as satisfying as the Tank Heater.

Gas Water Tank Heater uses lighted flame to heat the water up. The concept of Gas Water Tank is similar to your gas cooking stove. The size of the water tank will determine how much gas it consumes to heat up the tank and how long it takes to heat up the tank. In Singapore, it is usually cheaper to use the Gas Water Tank Heater than Electricity Water Tank Heater of the same size.

When you purchase the Water Tank Heater, it is important to determine the extent of usage of warm water. If your usage is low, you should buy a small tank which occupies less space and saves you money from lower electricity consumption.

707 Water Heater

707 Water Heater focuses mainly on Tankless Heater. It has gained some royal fans over the years. Its recent design has also won many hearts. It is easier to install Tankless Heater than Water Tank Heater.

Importance of Proper Water Heater Repair and Installation Specialist

The installation and repair of electricity water heater should be carried out by a qualified person because it involves connecting electrical wiring for heating the water and can be dangerous if the wiring is wrongly connected.

Tools for Water Heater Repair

Energy Saving

Singapore’s hot and humid climate means that you should be able to bath without warm water most of the time. Therefore, water heater is more of a luxury than necessity. For the sake of environment, perhaps we can reduce the usage of water heater during the warm days and only use it during the cool days. In addition, we can do more to save energy by choosing water heater that is more energy efficient (i.e. with 3 or more ticks) or choosing the right size of water heater tank so that less electricity is consumed when heating the water in the tank.

Water Heater Repair and Installation at Handyman Singapore

Handyman Singapore’s plumbers and electricians would ensure that your water heater repair and installation is properly carried out. We perform the necessary checks to make sure that the electrical wiring and water pipes are connected properly. Please call us at (+65) 6876 7920 or send us an email to attend to your water heater installation and repair needs.

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