Plumber or Electrician to Install Water Heater?

Should a Plumber or an Electrician be hired to install a water heater? This is usually the confusion by many home owner because water heater installation requires the both plumbing and electrical knowledge - pipes need to be connected to the water heater and wires have to be linked to the electrical supply. At Handyman Singapore, our water heater expert is well trained in both electrical and plumbing. We make sure that the water pipes are connected properly without leakages and the electrical wiring is safely connected and well-insulated.

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Danger of hiring a plumber with no electrical knowledge to install water heater

If you hire a plumber to install the water heater and the electrical wires are not properly connected and earthed, there is a danger of someone being electrocuted during a bath. It is less worrying if you hire an electrician who is not very well-trained in plumbing because the worst thing which could happen is the leaking of water pipe or some other plumbing issues and should not cause death as a result.

As such, you should always look for an expert in water heater installation who is well-verse with piping work and electrical work relating to the installation. Don't endanger your family's and your lives just to save that few bucks. As the saying goes, don't be penny wise and pound foolish. You may injured or kill your love ones because of hiring a plumber or electrician who is not having the full expertise of installing the water heater.

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Besides the installation of water heater, Handyman Singapore provides full range of household repair and maintenance services. They includes electrical, plumbing, carpentry, aircon servicing, etc.