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Water pipe leaks can lead to heavy cost if you are not aware of it. The dripping water can accumulate to huge buckets of water. It is shown that such leaks can easily adds up to at least 5,000 litres per year. It means paying more for your utilities and it is definitely cheaper to engage a plumber to fix the water pipe leaks issue than paying for the utility bills over the long run.

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Water Pipe Leaks
water pipe leaks repair services in singapore

Sign of Water Pipe Leaks

Sometimes you may not know that there is water leak because the leak is not visible to you. What should you do? You cannot engage a plumber every month to check for water leak because it will cost you substantially over a year.

Do not worry. It is actually quite easy to check for water leak at home. All you have to do is to turn off all water taps inside the house or apartment and make sure that no one is using any water (not even the automatic machines). Then, you go to the water meter and record the reading. Thereafter, you can go and run your errands or do your marketing. If no one is at home, you can also go to work. Once you return home, either from work or running errant (at least 30 mins to an hour), check the reading again. If the reading remains the same, it means that there is no water leak. If the reading changes, it is time to call in the plumber to fix the water leak. If the change in reading is substantial, it means that the water leak is not small and immediate attention should be given.

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Common Places Where Water Pipe Frequently Leaks

The most common places where water leak occurs are toilet bowl, showering head and tap. Small leaks can often go undetected. If these 3 areas are not the cause of leak, you may wish to call in a plumbing expert to trouble shoot the issue.

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Plumber for Water Pipe Leaks and Bursts

At Handyman-Singapore, our plumbers are trained to locate big and small leaks anywhere in your apartment or house. We have equipment to locate water leak. Leave the job to us and you can be assured that the leak will be resolved. You will be charged reasonably and should recover the repair fee from the utility cost savings in a short while. Call us now at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us to look into your water leaking issue. Our handyman plumber also helps to repair and install water heater, change bathroom accessories, tap repair and kitchen sink installation. We also provide electrician for your electrical repair works.