5 Ways to Lower Your Electricity Usage and Utility Bill in Singapore

The total electricity usage cost in your Utility Bill is usually higher than the total water consumption cost. This is normal because nowadays we have so many electrical appliances and electronic gadgets to charge and we are using them every day. Since we pay more for electricity usage, let's focus on how to reduce the utility bill by reducing electricity consumption.

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Ways to Reduce Electricity Usage and Lower Utility Bill

You may be able to purchase a stud finder with live wire detection function or a wire detector device. It is important to buy a quality device so that it won't let you down.

Some home owners have 2 such devices so that they can use

  1. Increase your air conditioner temperature by at least 1 Degree Celsius if it is set to below 24 Degree Celsius. In addition, set the timer such that it will switch off by itself an hour before your alarm rings. With this habit,  the electricity consumption to cool the room will reduce substantially especially if you switch on the air conditioner every day. If you are keen to install ceiling fan, you may even increase the temperature by 2 Degree Celsius.  As the electricity consumption of fan is much lower than air conditioner, you can be assure of cost savings from electricity usage if you follow this recommendation.  Besides changing the temperature, getting your air conditioner cleaned every 2 to 3 months makes the air conditioner more effectively in removing heat and thus reduce the electricity usage.
  2. Avoid using electrical dryer for your laundry. Many families use electrical dryer to dry their clothes immediately after washing. However, is there a need to put them in an electrial dryer? Can you hang them up on poles and let the natural sunlight and wind dry the clothes? Electrical dryer is a household appliance which uses much electricity. If you stop using dryer now (except in situation when you need to wear the clothes and require them to dry quickly), you will see significant reduction in your electricity usage.
  3. Stop using electricity kettle which automatically keeps the water warm all day and supply you with warm water instantaneously for coffee and tea. As this type of kettle uses electricity continuously to keep the water warm all the time, it uses much electricity everyday. If you have the patience to wait a few minutes to bowl the water every time you need it to make your coffee or tea, you will definitely save some money from the reduction in electricity consumption.
  4. Cultivate the habit of switching off all your switches at night. Perhaps the only switch which should remain "on" is the one supplying power to the refrigerator. Most appliances consume electricity even in sleep mode. As such, you should not leave them switched on at night when you are asleep. You do not need the switch to be "on" because you are not using it. Save the earth and save your money on electricity by switching off unnecessary switches at night when you are asleep.
  5. Having 2 or 3 bathrooms at home could possibly mean having more than one water heater tank. If you have more than one water heater tank, you may wish to centralize them and use only one water heater tank. By warming only one water heater tank, you use less electricity as compared to that of heating two water heater tanks. Alternatively, you may wish to change your water heater from one which uses water tank to one which is tankless. Tankless water heater tend to supply warm water faster and at more consistent temperature. However, the water flow from tankless water heater may not be as satisfying as that from water tank.
Switch off electrical supply to reduce electricity usage
Reading the Meter to see the extent of electricity usage

Electrician to Check for Electricity Leakage

You may also engage an electrician to check on which electricity points or appliances have the greatest electricity leakage and make sure you switch the power point off every time you are not using it.

Besides reducing electricity usage, you may wish to check out our attractive cost of electrical repair and installation.

In addition to reducing electricity usage, we should explore ways to reduce water consumption in view of the increase in water price in July 2017 and July 2018, let us discus in another post on ways to reduce water consumption at home.

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