Window Repair, Installation and Replacement Singapore

Window repair service has become more important lately in Singapore because of a few cases of window falling from high rise apartments. For window repair, replacement and installation needs, our team of highly qualified and experienced window specialists and handymen are able to help.

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Window Replacement

Sometimes when your window is beyond repair, a replacement may be the best solution. Replacement can also happen when home owners decide to change the design or structure of their window (e.g. changing from sliding window to casement window). Changing window takes more time and requires knocking and hacking of existing window to remove them before the installation of new window can be carried out. However, if you are just changing the glass panel (from normal glass to tinted glass or replacing broken window glass panel) without changing the window frame, hacking may not be required. Instead of changing to tinted glass, we would recommend that you paste a sun control window film to reflect the sunlight. This may be cheaper than changing the transparent glass panel to tinted or reflective glass panel.

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Window Grills Replacement

Changing of window grills may happen when the window grills are old and damaged or no longer secured. At times, home owners may misplace the keys to the window grills and the locksmith is unable to open it (or is able to open it but the lock is damaged in the process) resulting in the need to break the lock and replace the existing window grills.

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Installing Windows and Window Grills for New Apartments

Some new apartments do not come with window or window grills and, as such, you may have to engage the window specialist to install the windows or window grills. This is usually performed by the renovation contractor whom you have engaged to get your new house done up. Let us know if you need this service and we will be glad to provide.

Handyman for Window Repair

There are many window repairman out there offering to fix your window but we are one of the best in Singapore you can rely on. For quality window repair, replacement and installation, you should call us at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us. In addition to window repair work, we also perform many other handyman work like painting, carpentry, door repair, etc.

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