Handyman Singapore

Handyman Singapore provides repair, maintenance and installation services for house and office. Our handymen are skilled professionals specializing in different fields like plumbingelectricalcarpentrypainting, aircon and other house repair, installation and maintenance work.

handyman singapore with ladder
Handyman Singapore with tools and stools for work

The use of handyman for house repair dated back many many years. Handyman refers to a skilled person with expertise in various repair and maintenance work. In Singapore, handyman focuses mainly on plumbing, electrical, painting and carpentry tasks. In overseas, handyman may perform roof repair, tiling, pest control and other more complicated works.

Why should you use Handyman Singapore?

Most of us who are living and working in Singapore are very busy with work and family. As you are not trained to perform the repair and maintenance work or are frequently too exhausted to perform them during weekend or rest day, it is definitely a wise choice to hire the handyman to carry out the house repair and maintenance. By engaging a handyman, it saves you precious time and ensures that the repair is performed properly by a skilled person. Whether it is installing a ceiling fan, fixing lights and light fittings, repairing water heater, replacing broken tiles, installing curtain poles or just drilling the wall to hang heavy things, you know our handymen is always ready to support you. When you hire our handymen, you know you are getting someone who is well-trained and experienced to deal with all types of repairs, installation and maintenance work at your house and office.

Handyman with tools
Singapore handyman repair and maintenance services

Save Precious Time With Handyman Help

Ask yourself whether you would like to spend hours reading the repair guide book, learn how to perform the repair and try to fix the problem. Or do you just wish to relax and let the specialists perform the task and perform it well for you? If you can make more money spending time doing something else or if you can spend the same precious time with your love ones, should you not outsource the task to Handyman Singapore?

Services Provided by Handyman Singapore

Our handyman is able to assist you in the following:

  1. Repairing electrical items including adding electrical sockets and rewiring of house;
  2. Installing and replacing lights, including LED lights;
  3. Repairing taps and various plumbing works including laying and extending water pipes and installing water heater;
  4. Repairing of cardboard and changing of doors as well as other carpentry works;
  5. Painting works for whole house or partial house or just the ceiling;
  6. Patching of wall;
  7. Installing curtain rods, ceiling fan and setting up of equipment;
  8. Cleaning and servicing air conditioner;
  9. Repairing windows and replacing window handles and hinges;
  10. Drilling and fixing items;
  11. Dismantling items;
  12. Repairing Roof of Landed Property;
  13. Repairing Gate;
  14. Water proofing walls, floors and ceiling;
  15. Creating Shelving; and
  16. Performing Other Handyman related work.
Singapore handyman holding a drill
Handyman tools

Emergency Handyman Services in Singapore

When water pipe burst or when electrical wiring caught fire, we know you need our immediate attention and we will definitely attend to your needs as soon as possible. We have a team on standby to attend to emergency situation and will definitely be ready to pick up your call and arrange for repair work at the shortest possible time. However, such emergency handyman services usually cost 2 to 3 times more than the usual non-emergency repair services. You can be assured that we will still price our emergency handyman services reasonably.

Testimonials of our Handyman Services by Clients

Handyman Singapore provide me with great electrical repair services. I am very satisfied with the standard of repair and their customer oriented services.

– Lynn Goh, Sembawang Drive.

I am delighted with Handyman Singapore immediate attention to my piping problem. They deliver their job professionally and even clean up my toilet after the repair. I will definitely refer them to my friends.

– Tan Khee Khee, Bishan Street.

My family has been using Handyman Singapore and we are always happy with their services. All our repair needs are served by one party. All under one roof services is what we want.

– James Tan Yeow Hua, Bedok Reservoir Road.

Testimonial of Handyman Singapore services

Contact Handyman Singapore Now!

Call us now at (+65) 6876 7920 or email us to attend to your household repair, installation and maintenance needs (including bathroomdoor and toilet bowl problems). We assure you that our installation, repair and maintenance services come with some form of guarantee. You can have a peace of mind when you hire us.

Electrician and Electrical Service Prices

Quality electrical services by certified electrician. With one of the lowest electrical service rates in Singapore, you know you have a great deal engaging our services.

Plumber and Plumbing Service Prices

Tap or toilet bowl issue can be easily resolved by us. Most importantly, our discounted rates for plumbing services will make our plumbing service very competitive and irresistable.

Water Heater Repair and Installation Services

Water heater installation and repair services is an area which requires both plumbing and electrical expertise. Always engage a qualified person to perform the task.

Carpenter and Carpentry Services

Skilled carpenter with reasonably priced carpentry services is something that you are looking for. Let us create the best customized furniture and build-in wardrobe for you.

Aircon Servicing and Maintenance

Handyman Singapore to providing aircon cleaning (both steam cleaning and chemical washing).

House and Office Painting Service and Rates

Giving your house and office a new coat of paint without breaking the bank. This is our promise to you. Our friendly painters are here to create colourful walls for you.